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Administrative Home

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Please direct Members to the following:

Health Plan, Pre-cert & Prescription Drug questions:

Care Coordinators by Quantum Health
855-452-9997 or – Click on the link to the Care Coordinator

Voluntary Dental claims and questions:
Member Services: 800-487-5553 or

VSP, Administered by Ameritas
Voluntary Vision claims and questions:
Member Services: 800-877-7195 or

Dearborn Life
Basic or Voluntary Life Insurance
Member services: 800-348-4512 or – Click on the link to the Voluntary Benefits

Your Administrative Contacts


Care Coordinators by Quantum Health
Cindy Bronars – Client Executive 800-257-2038 ext. 1165 [email protected]
Kisha Smith – Client Support Specialist 800-257-2038 ext. 1515 [email protected]

CMR/Coventry Health Care of MO
Tracy Jenkins – Account Executive 314-506-2463 [email protected]

Express Scripts, Inc – Prescriptions
Kristin Graf– Account Executive 480-736-3157  [email protected]
Wendy Lamaestra– Account Manager 480-736-3108 [email protected]

Ameritas (Dental & Vision)
Geri Wigert – Mgr. Group Customer Claims 800-659-2223 ext. 82266 [email protected]
Megan Scholting- Enrollment Representative/CSR 800-659-2223 ext. 82351 [email protected]
Kip Koll –  Director Customer & Provider Network Relations 800-543-7784 ext. 82529 [email protected]

Dearborn Life
Karen House – National Strategic Acct. Executive, Ancillary Products 713-354-7119

American Fidelity
Whitney Dyson – State Manager  618-589-3914 [email protected]

Meritain Health
Deb Davis – Client Liaison 952-593-6508 [email protected]
Darlene North – Eligibility Specialist 716-319-5242 [email protected]
Inderia Wilson – Billing Specialist 716-319-5877 [email protected]
Michelle Fox – COBRA Specialist 800-748-0003, 2185 [email protected]
Maria Llewellyn – Account Director 618-509-6081 [email protected]
Pamela Dockins – Account Manager 618-509-6083 [email protected]
Yvonne Gamble – Administrative Assistant 618-509-6082 [email protected]