Finding a Network Provider

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Finding a Network Provider

It’s easy to use the Provider Finder available on Blue Access for Members (BAM):

  • Go to
  • Click the Log In tab, and sign in OR click the Register Now.
  • Use the information on your BCBSIL ID card to complete the process.
  • Then, log in to BAM. Provider Finder is located under the Doctors & Hospitals tab.

You can also call a BCBSIL Benefits Value Advisor (BVA) Customer Service Representative at 855-686-8517 for assistance 24/7.  You will need to identify yourself as an Egyptian Trust member and be prepared to provide your BCBS ID and Group Numbers.

You may also choose to search for providers as a GUEST if you don’t wish to register.  Go to, click on Find a Doctor or Hospital and follow the below steps:

  1. Click on SEARCH AS GUEST on the right side of the page.
  2. In the Plans field, select Blue PPOSM [PPO] from the pull-down options.
  3. In the City, State or ZIP field, enter the ZIP Code region you wish to search.
  4. Use the Browse by Category pull-down menu to zero in on the type of provider you are looking for OR type the NAME or SPECIALTY in the Search field.
  5. A listing of in network providers that meet your search criteria will be displayed on your screen.
  6. Use the additional blue pull-down menus to narrow or expand your search.

Don’t forget, you can contact the BVA at 855-686-8517 for assistance in finding participating providers in your area.