Finding a Network Provider

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Finding a Network Provider

The Provider Finder tool is available on the BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois (BCBSIL) website. Provider Finder’s search results help you find in-network physicians, specialists and other health care providers.

  • Go to BCBS-IL Provider Finder
  •  Enter your Plan near the top of the page. The default Plan is Blue Choice Select (BCS) Network.*
  • Enter your City, State or ZIP Code to search your area.
  • Enter a Provider Name or Specialty to begin your search.
  • Revise the Category to search for other Provider Types.
  •  Enter the distance you are willing to travel
  • Finally, view your Provider Results below the selection area.

Don’t forget, you can contact a BVA Customer Service Representative at 855-686-8517 for assistance 24/7 in finding participating providers in your area. You will need to identify yourself as an Egyptian Trust member and be prepared to provide your BCBS ID and Group Number.

*Change the Plans field near the top of the page to Participating Provider Organization [PPO] if one of the below apply:

  • You are an employee at A-C Central CUSD 262, Northwestern CUSD 2, Panhandle CUSD 2, Red Hill CUSD 10, Tremont CUSD 702, Triopia CUSD 27 or Wabash CUSD 348; or
  • You live in Sangamon, Wabash or Lawrence Counties; or
  • You live outside the state of Illinois; or
  • You are looking for providers outside the state of Illinois