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Sometimes you need to speak with a doctor when it’s not possible to be available for an office visit. That’s why the Teladoc program is available to you and your family, FREE OF CHARGE WHEN ENROLLED IN ONE OF THE HEALTH PLANS. The program can be used in a variety of ways:

  • During weekends, holidays or after business hours, when general practitioners don’t typically schedule appointments.
  • When you can’t attend a medical appointment, such as when traveling or at work.
  • If you need a prescription medication or refill for a common condition.

Click here for step-by-step Registration instructions to ensure you are set up under the Egyptian Trust program.

When registering for Teladoc, Egyptian Trust members do not need to enter a code from their employer nor their insurance provider. Teladoc should identify your employer district with the information entered when registering for an account. If your employer district is not identified, your account will not be set up accurately under the Trust program and you may incur a fee for services received from Teladoc. Contact your district for assistance to confirm your eligibility information has been submitted to Teladoc.

Click here for instructions on Adding your Dependents.

Adding family members:

  • Dependents under age 18 are managed by the primary Trust member who is responsible for adding these minor dependents to the account and entering their medical information before a Teladoc consultation can be requested for the minor.
  • Adult dependents added by the primary Trust member will be emailed login information to set up and complete their medical history. This is due to HIPAA regulations.

Remember, services received from Teladoc as part of the Egyptian Trust program are provided free of charge.  If Teladoc requests payment or billing information, you should immediately call 1-800-Doc-Consult (1-800-362-2667)  for assistance.