Finding a Network Provider

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Finding a Network Provider

Services beginning September 1, 2017


When you need to see a physician, a physician network, PHCS, is utilized for all physician services (primary care and specialists). This gives you access to a wide network of providers. Click here to go directly to the website to find a participating physician. 

For assistance in finding a PHCS provider of your choice, you can contact PHCS direct at 800-922-4362 (7am – 7pm), or HealthSCOPE Benefits Customer Care at 800-397-9598 (8am – 6pm).  Assistance is available Monday – Friday (except major holidays).  Identify yourself as an Egyptian Trust health plan participant accessing the PHCS Network for practitioners and ancillaries only. This means that your access includes the full network of physicians and ancillary providers, such as labs, durable medical equipment, etc. You may also search online at Click here for instructions

In addition to the PHCS Network, you may also search for providers on the Egyptian Trust Provider Network. Click here to go directly to the website to find a participating physician.

If you have a physician or ancillary provider that you would like to nominate to join the PHCS / MultiPlan network of providers, simply complete the “Nominate a Provider” form on the Patient page.  Additional nomination information is available by clicking on the How to Nominate a Provider to PHCS document.